FIRST Membership Interest FormFull Member Membership Interest Form

Full Member Membership Interest Form

All applications will require two existing FIRST Full Member team sponsors.

The first step in applying to FIRST is to complete the interest form. Teams with sponsors will be sent an email and link to proceed with the application process once verified.

Please note: it is the applicant's responsibility to secure sponsors for their application. Upon request FIRST will attempt to provide support with this process. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to the Secretariat at

The full details of the membership application process are described at FIRST Membership Process.

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If you have a sponsor(s) confirmed, please select them, otherwise skip the Primary Sponsor and Secondary Sponsor selection.

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If you do not already have confirmed sponsors, please select any teams you have worked with or who might be a approached as a potential sponsor
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Please use this space to provide a brief statement of why you would like to join FIRST and how you plan to participate
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